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Designing, sharing and replicating policy tools for Unicorn forests

: UnicornQuest
Framework: Interreg Europe
Duration of the project: 01.03.2023. – 28.02.2027.

Aim of the project:

In 2021, Europe witnessed the birth of 85 “Unicorns”, new tech companies with a valuation of $1 billion or more, despite this good growing, over the last decade, many European companies were forced to leave Europe, creating an exodus which resulted in a huge loss for Europe in terms of jobs, intellectual property and brain drain.
Project Regions are experimenting this exodus of to-be-unicorn start-ups, and they need to offer differentiation measures to fight against big Unicorn Hubs in the EU capitals and US.
Partner Regions want to be different by creating several “Small Valleys” offering experiment fields, using the local community as a testing ground for to-be-unicorns. These small valleys will retain and attract soonicorns that want to grow under EU principles and values, like the respect of human rights, freedom, democracy, and equality. These values are the vital foundation to mark their Forests as different from other hubs, especially in the US and Far East, creating strategic differentiation for their regional Valleys/Forests.
Through the exchange of experiences between regions, project partners will share regional experiences and use the Harvard CASE method to produce peer-exchange and facilitate the learning process between partners, expecting to improve 9 policy instruments in the initial 36 months of project.

Project partners:

  • Science and Technology Park of Alentejo (PT)
  • Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SK)
  • Western Development Commission (IRELAND)
  • Innovation & Management Centre Limited (IRELAND)
  • North-West Regional Development Agency (RO)
  • Business Developmnet Friesland Foundation (NL)
  • Liguria Region (IT)
  • Zemgale Planning Region (Latvia)
  • Pannon Business Network Association (HU)
  • Hauts-de-France Regional Council (FR)
  • EuraTechnologies (FR)

Activity of PBN:

PBN provides regional good practices and analyses international ones to be able to composes policy recommendation for regional and national level policy programs in order to support the settlement of future unicorn companies. PBN coordinates the communication activities of the consortium in order to raise awareness, to involve regional and national stakeholders into the projects' learning process and in order to properly communicate the achieved results.

Budget in Euro:
Project overall budget: 2 303 970 EUR

Project homepage: https://www.interregeurope.eu/unicornquest
Program homepage: https://www.interregeurope.eu/
Project manager: Andrea Enyingi-Kurucz (andrea.kurucz@pbn.hu)

'The project is realized in the Interreg Europe program with the cofinancing of the European Union and Hungary'