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Széchenyi 2020
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PBN to increase added value

– improving competitiveness via digital technologies, education, research and development, through international relations.

PBN to share knowledge

intermediating new perspectives gained from international research institutes and analysis

PBN for business development

businessmen meeting, audits and customized analysis for improved efficiency.

PBN to support policy instruments

synthesizing individual business development experience into strategies and policy inputs for stakeholders.

Digital Innovation Hub

Forum Digital

Regional cooperation for digital skills development, education and research.



Quality environment to accomodate digitalization.



One-stop shop for digitalization.


European Cooperation

Encouragement the innovative performance of small and medium-sized enterprises through development of policy instruments.


Border Cooperation

Shared digital service portfolio with 4 Austrian regions.


Central European Cooperation

Cooperation of 7 countries to operate a network of Digital Innovation Hubs.


International Platform

Danube Region AI Platform

Collaboration on artificial intelligence based development of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in 16 Danube countries.

Big Data Value Association platform

Cooperation at European level to promote the practical application of data science.

AI & HMI platform

Partnership sharing good practices in the field of artificial intelligence and human-machine cooperation.

Technology Transfer Center SEZ

National representation of the technology transfer network of Baden-Württemberg.


Balázs Barta

managing director

Evelyn Bakó

quality manager

Dániel Bakucz

materials science expert

Renáta Csabai

project coordinator

Martin Dan

project manager

Géza Éder


Géza Éder Jr.

innovation manager

Andrea Enyingi-Kurucz

project manager

Doroti Éva

project manager

Patrik Haraszti

robotics technician

Teodóra Horváth

project manager

Andrea Hózensteiner

financial manager

Attila Joós

project coordinator

Klaudia Keringer

project manager

Hajnalka Kiss

financial assistant

Zsófia Kocsis

project manager

Boldiszár Könczöl

dual computer science engineer student

Mátyás Lazáry

international coordinator

Márton Magyarfalvi

production and innovation manager

Péter Mátyás

electric engineer and innovation manager

Róbert Németh

financial director

Regina Rosta-Pethő

project manager

Virág Szuák

project manager

Ádám Takács

electric engineer and innovation manager

Ferenc Tolner

production and innovation manager

Gábor Varga

project coordinator

Balázs Váthy

robotics technician