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Skills and Scale to Connect for Business Acceleration Services policy transfer

Framework: Interreg Europe
Duration of the project: 01.03.2023. – 28.02.2027.

Aim of the project:

The overall objective of SKALE2CT is to improve resources and capacities of public and intermediary organisations to improve Business Acceleration providers and services, in particular when it comes to scale-up phase.
For such purpose, the partnership is composed by a group of public and private organisations with complementary experiences and competences, namely:

  • 3 Local Authorities bringing their own local economic policies and services: San Sebastián (ES) and the metropolitan areas of Torino (IT) and Grenoble Alpes (FR)
  • The Portuguese National Agency for Innovation (ANI)
  • Pannon Business Network (HU), that will collaborate with the Hungarian Ministry of Finance
  • Latvian Chamber of Commerce, that will collaborate with the Latvian Ministry of Economy
  • and the advisory partner Startup Europe Regions Network (SERN), that will support the partners its specifi c knowledge and networking capacity

Specifically, among the main scaling-up resources to be targeted, SKALE2CT partners will answer the following needs of MSMEs:

  1. Executive Leadership (Advisory and Mentoring services)
  2. Access to specifi c Infrastructures for companies from emerging sectors (i.e. for prototyping and testing)
  3. Talent Management (i.e. co-living).

From a mid-term perspective, the objective is to contribute to the maintenance and sustainable growth of MSMEs established in EU territories. This will contribute to the territorial challenge of becoming an innovation-friendly society & economy.

Project partners:

  • San Sebastian Socio-Economic Development Agency (ESP)
  • Metropolitan City of Turin (IT)
  • Grenoble-Alpes Métropole (FR)
  • Portuguese National Innovation Agency (PT)
  • Pannon Business Network Association (HU)
  • Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia
  • Latvia Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Startup Europe Regions Network (SERN) (BG) ASP

Activity of PBN:

PBN contributes to the improvement process of resources and competences to strengthen Business Acceleration providers and services from different EU regions through the participation in the exchange and learning processes, in particular when it comes to offering scaling-up resources and services. PBN provides regional good practices and analyses international ones to be able to composes policy recommendation for regional and national level policy programs. PBN organizes the 1st exchange and learning event in the project to provide an exchange platform about the topic "Executive Leadership" and contributes to the further exchange processes. 

Budget in Euro:
Project overall budget: 1 596 839 EUR

Project homepage: https://www.interregeurope.eu/skale2ct
Program homepage: https://www.interregeurope.eu/
Project manager: Andrea Enyingi-Kurucz (andrea.kurucz@pbn.hu)

'The project is realized in the Interreg Europe program with the cofinancing of the European Union and Hungary'