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Artificial Intelligence and Automotive Industry - Automotive Hungary Conference

Artificial Intelligence and Automotive Industry - Automotive Hungary Conference


The Artificial Intelligence and Automotive Industry conference was held on 18th October, organized by the Pannon Business Network Association – am-LAB Digital Innovation Hub (PBN) in the framework of the Automotive Hungary exhibition. The event attracted huge interest and was held by full house, with a domestic and international audience, nearly with 200 registered participants.





The specialty of the event was primarily presented by the invited and respected speakers of digitalization and innovation - Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Kuka Robotics, Fraunhofer Institute, Dibuco GmbH, etc. They demonstrated the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in practice, as well as the present and future role of it in the automotive industry, with adding international trends. On the other hand, participants gained insight into domestic initiatives from the political and business side (ITM, SZTNH, AI Platform), too.


The relevance of the two topics is the impact of digitalization and artificial intelligence on domestic suppliers and the strategic thinking of the big international manufacturing companies. Industrial robotization, automation, and artificial intelligence serving as a basis for these and are becoming increasingly important. The presenters stated without exception that self-driving cars and automated production mean the future. It also affects the workforce, competencies, and professional trainings so that domestic suppliers can keep up with international expectations.


As Hungary is only 23rd in the EU innovation ranking, the goal is to achieve improvements through governmental initiatives, such as AI country strategy and other actions.





Subsequently, leading manufacturers agreed that special innovations can only address future challenges, e.g. zero emissions, and AI-applications which are endowed with human abilities and intuitions.


The speakers expounded that the solution lies, among others, in the so-called ACES revolution (autonomous, connected, electric, and shared) and disruptive innovations, as well as in ensuring data coherence and creating unified data communication platforms. The organizer, PBN, demonstrated the learning process that raised the company the region’s major player in complex and unique, artificial intelligence-based developments they provide. AI is also the basis for the Zalazone test track, where the prototype of self-driving cars is being tested implemented together with the research and development infrastructure elements.





The robots are of particular importance that is being used today in the automotive industry for testing, with cloud-based analytical platform solutions, and intelligent data management. Finally, the public faced with the fact that the number of patents submitted in Hungary is decreasing, and only 25% is utilized. The country’s primary interest that global value chains bring their high value-added activities to Hungary.


The event organizer PBN’s CEO, Mr. Balázs Barta also heads the Artificial Intelligence Work Group of the Danube Region. The conference was concluded by an international meeting of the working group.