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Fuel cell forklift demonstration in Vép

Within the framework of the SMART-HY-AWARE project, a demonstration of a fuel cell forklift truck took place on 17 May 2023 at the Vép site of Galambos Logistic Ltd.
The first half of the meeting included presentations. The host of the event was the managing director of Galambos Logistic Ltd., who presented the company's portfolio, highlighting the developments related to the new Szombathely site and emphasizing their sustainability activities and plans.

Afterwards, PBN, as the organiser of the event, presented and summarised the Szombathely Hydrogen Strategy, which was prepared at the end of 2022 on behalf of the SZMJV and is closely aligned with the national and EU strategy. Good practices related to international hydrogen mobility were mentioned both in the strategy and in the presentation, including the already existing Hungarian examples. The urban hydrogen mobility action plan was developed within the strategy, the main elements of which were also presented by the PBN project manager. In addition to the summary of the strategy, the presentation revealed that PBN is currently managing several international projects in the field of sustainability and circular economy (Karma, 3F Green Model, Smart Circuit, Circes, IPR4SC, DigiTwinGreen).


The presentations were closed by a representative of Linde Hungary Material Handling Ltd., who emphasized the importance of environmental awareness and sustainability. Their fuel cell forklift combines the sustainability of electric forklift trucks with the practicality of internal combustion engines – the representative demonstrated their operation in practice to the audience.

The presentations were followed by a press conference, in which, in addition to the speakers, the Szombathely councillors also participated. We can only reduce the effects of climate change, everyone has to do their part to leave a liveable planet for future generations, said Ákos Németh, councillor. Councillor Adrienn Bokányi highlighted that Szombathely is at the forefront of trying out pioneering solutions and is seeking to build a broader partnership to achieve its goals, one of which is the implementation of a hydrogen-based ecosystem development.


After the meeting, three employees of PBN participated in the GreenTech conference in Zalaegerszeg, where they could hear interesting presentations and panel discussions on energy, circular economy and hydrogen usage areas.

The final conference of the SMART-HY-AWARE project will take place on June 20-21 in Brussels, where Adrienn Bokányi and the PBN project manager will present the Szombathely project results.
The results achieved in the urban Hydrogen Strategy and the SMART-HY-AWARE project are fully consistent with the concept of creating a green and smart city of the SZOMBATHELY2030 program.