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InterGreen-Nodes is looking for improvements in coordination among freight transport stakeholders.


Project title: Intermodal Green Alliance - Fostering Nodes
Acronym: InterGreen-Nodes
Framework program: Interreg Central Europe
Duration of the project: 01.04.2019 – 31.03.2022
Aim of the project:
Transport nodes, like intermodal terminals and ports as well as their immediate surroundings, are crucial components of intermodal freight transport in Europe. For reaching an environmentally friendly transformation, they need to be organised in a coordinated way by taking into account different transport scales, modes, and spatial restrictions. However, they often have difficulties to cope with the quickly growing freight transport volumes due to capacity restraints through planning restrictions and communication gaps between different actors.
The InterGreen-Nodes project aims to improve coordination among freight transport stakeholders by facilitating the alignment between regional interests and EU recommendations on freight transport and regional development.
The partners will harmonise planning methods along the demands of spatial planning and improve intermodal terminal processes and the demands of the immediate spatial surroundings of the terminals. This will allow the terminals to better adapt to future demands of growing freight transport flows and the necessity to organise terminal processes in an environmentally-friendly way.
Project Partners:


  • Technische Hochschule Wildau (DE) – Lead Partner
  • Gemeinsame Landesplanung Berlin-Brandenburg (DE)
  • Unione Regionale Camere Di Commercio Industria Artigianato E Agricoltura Del Veneto (IT)
  • Berliner Hafen- und Lagerhausgesellschaft mbH. (DE)
  • Rostock Port GmbH (DE)
  • Ministerium für Energie, Infrastruktur und Digitalisierung Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (DE)
  • Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mare Adriatico Settentrionale (IT)
  • Interporto Bologna (IT)
  • ITL Bologna (IT)
  • Budapesti Szabadkikötő Logisztikai Zrt. (HU)
  • Pannon Gazdasági Hálózat Egyesület (HU)
  • KTI – Közlekedéstudományi Intézet (HU)
  • Luka Koper, pristaniski in logisticni sistem, d.d. (SL)

Budget in EURO:
2.321.950,80 Project Budget in EUR
1.880.329,68 ERDF funding in EUR
Project homepage:https://www.interreg-central.eu/Content.Node/InterGreen-Nodes.html
Program homepage: http://www.interreg-central.eu
Project manager: Klaudia Keringer (klaudia.keringer@pbn.hu)

"The project is realized in the Interreg Central Europe programme with the co-financing of the European Union and Hungary."