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South Eastern Europe Marine and River Integrated System for Monitoring the Transportation of Dangerous Goods



Framework Program: South East Europe Program

Duration of the Project: 2011. 02. 01. – 2013. 12. 31.

Overall Objective: The SEE MARINER project is focusing on mitigating environmental risks arising from the transportation of dangerous goods in marine areas and rivers by applying an integrated system for the joint prevention and response procedures, enhanced monitoring of maritime and river traffic and increased co-ordination capacity for the mobilization of the relevant authorities and stakeholder groups. SEE MARINER will achieve a measurable improvement in the interoperability of monitoring activities in the prevention of environmental risks. The exchange of knowledge and the analysis of existing good practices in system for monitoring the transport of dangerous goods will consequentrly lead to the key outcome of SEE MARINER. The developement and implementation of an innovative, transferable and replicable system is the SEE MARINER network.

Partners: Piraues Port Authority; European Community Business and Innovation Center of Attika; Mediterranean SOS Network; Venice Port Authority; ALOT s.c.a.r.l. - Agency of East Lombardy for Transport and Logistics; Luka Koper, port and logistics syste; Austrian Mobility Research FGM-AMOR GmbH; Pannon Business Network Association; Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities; Romanian Inland Ports Union; The Port of Bar Holding Company; Institute of Transport; TINA VIENNA Urban Technologies and Trategies GmbH

Activities of PBN: Survey of the Hungarian Ports IT Systems, Best practice analysis; Participation of the development of the SEE MARINER management system; Participation of the design of the SEE MARINER support centers; Development of the SEE MARINER Network Management Software; Participation of the development of the training packages; Participation of establishment and operation of SEE MARINER system; Promote and evaluation the system; Make the follow-up plan

Project homepage: http://www.seemariner.eu/

Central Europe Program homepage:www.southeast-europe.net


„The project is realized in the SOUTH EAST EUROPE program with the cofinancing of Hungary.”