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Mechanism for Enhancement of Synergy and Sustainability among Enterprises


Project title: Mechanism for Enhancement of Synergy and Sustainability among Enterprises

English title of the project: Mechanism for Enhancement of Synergy and Sustainability among Enterprises

Acronym: MESSE

Duration of the project: January 2012. január - December 2014

Aim: The main objective of the MESSE project is reinforcing and improving the effectiveness of regional policies in supporting and promoting socially responsible economic development, through identification, analysis, benchmarking and dissemination of best practices in legal, tax and operational instruments adopted by public authorities for enhancing the Social Economy.


  • Veneto Region - Lead Partner
  • Decentralized Administration of Attica
  • Andalucian Government
  • Romanian Ministry of Labor and Social Protection
  • Pannon Business Network Association
  • Sofia Municipality
  • East Sweden Region
  • Adult Education Centre of Hannover
  • Community Action Hampshire

Activity of PBN: In the frame of the project PBN suveys the situation of the regional social enetrprises, which means a benchmarking of 9 regions and thereafter the regional development priorities and the applicable international best practices will be defined with the involvement of the regional relevant actors. A MESSE-Net platform will be established and reached by PBN for the enquirer, which ensures for our region to join to the international information flow.

Possible cooperation fields of the PBN partners: During this project PBN expects all kind of enquirers who could be a good practice for other EU regions or even aspires to get to know some international experience for the development of the existing and/or new systems. We have the opportunity to get aquainted with the best practices through study visits, conferences as well as MESSE-Net  surface.

Official page of the project: www.messe-project.eu

Official page of the INTERREG IVC program: http://www.interreg4c.eu/

"Co-financed by Europen Regional Development Fund and made possible by the INTERREG VIC Programme."