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Smarter Cluster Policies for South East Europe


Name: Smarter Cluster Policies for South East Europe

short name: ClusterPolisee

Duration: 2009.01.01 - 2012.06.30


ClusterPoliSEE main objective is to enhance the capacity of regional policymakers to confront, prevent and anticipate change, developing smart specialization strategies for cluster improvement, thus accelerating differentiation and structural change towards a knowledge-based economy in which there is a place for all SEE regions to position themselves.


25 members partnership covers 11 different SEE programme countries (8 EU MSs and 3 IPA) to develop smarter cluster policies supporting territorial cohesion, R&D and open innovation systems in SEE, encouraging transnational cluster cooperation between strong performing regions and weak performing regions both represented.
The partnership involved: Regional and National Public Institution responsible for cluster policy development and implementation, Regional Development Agencies responsible for the management of Cluster Programmes and Regional Innovation strategies, National Research Institutes and Universities, Innovation promotion bodies and Cluster Networks

PBN's activities: Promoting the environmental-conscious technologies adaptation, involving the entrepreneurial sphere.

Possible activities of PBN: To share the renewable Energy Strategy Knowledge, make research and studies.

Project homepage: http://www.clusterpolisee.eu/
Programme homepagewww.southeast-europe.net