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Clusters orientation of modern technologies towards common development opportunities.


Acronym: CLOUD
Framework Program: South East Europe Program
Duration: October 2012 - September 2014

Aim: The aim of the project is to assess the innovation potential of SMEs operating within the clusters and the level of their ICT developments, to analyze comparative benchmarking and to share the best practices obtained in the regions involved. Develop and implement a regional and integrated development action plan through the implementation of pilot projects.


  • CNA Regional Association of Emilia Romagna
  • Development Agency of Evia S.A
  • Executive Agency for Higher Education, research, Development and Innovation Funding
  • Start up & Service Centre Furstenfeld
  • Business Agency Association
  • Pannon Business Network Association
  • The association of Chambers of Commerce of Veneto Region
  • Pomurje Technology Park
  • Belgrade Chamber of Commerce
  • Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency
  • Institute for Contemporary Studies

Activities of PBN: PBN coordinates the quality assessment and benchmarking analysis of clusters and member companies.

Possible activities of PBN partners: With a sectoral focus, transfer of existing benchmarking experience and promotion of business cooperation for companies.

Project website: http://www.see-project-cloud.eu/
Program website: http://www.southeast-europe.net/en/

"The project is implemented in the South East Europe Program with the co-financing of the European Union and the Republic of Hungary."