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More sustainable businesses

The upskilling and competency development of the entire workforce is essential to support the shift of businesses towards industry 4.0. Innovations in manufacturing processes require the strengthening and development of the related skills among the entrepreneurs and workers.

  • Integration of robots into agile, flexible production system
  • Creating unique, intelligent structures and materials
  • Awareness raising of intellectual property rights
  • Digitalization of production and logistics processes with its business impact analysis
  • Emotional engagement of cultural and creative industries using AR technology
  • Data analytics and textual analysis from complex unstructured data sets
  • Curriculum in digitalization, targeted at businesses and academia
  • Business management efficiency improvement training programs
  • Facilitate structural change for sustainability

Greener environment

Shift towards green solutions is supported by transnational cooperation (offers clear added value in moving towards greener solutions), providing access to leading technological competencies. These fields vary from renewable resources to broadened mobility or novel material structures.

  • Promoting zero-emission transport
  • Minimize waste generation, especially in the field of 3D printing
  • Reduction of environmental impact in intermodal transport hubs
  • Development of unique, material-modified intelligent materials

More effective collaborations

In order to achieve real, tangible results on social and economic issues affecting our environment, it is essential to develop a stable structure of cooperation, both vertically and horizontally, nationally and internationally. Relevant areas are the field of healthcare innovation, corporate digitalization, contribution to circular economy or even regional challenges.

  • Transnational cluster cooperation in the agri-food industry based on a smart specialization approach in the Danube region
  • Policy instrument development to encourage innovative performance of companies
  • Joint digital service portfolio shared with 4 Austrian regions
  • Digital Innovation Hub Network
  • Regional cooperation for digital skills development, education, and research
  • Bridging regional infrastructure gaps, accelerating economic growth and job creation

Higher quality senior care

Facilitate the deployment of innovative solutions in senior, social and healthcare, with special emphasis on robotisation, digitalization and artificial intelligence.

  • Promoting digitalization in care for the seniors
  • Make rehabilitation more effective
  • Implementation of innovative digital care solutions