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Connecting the dots within digital health innovation ecosystems

Framework: Horizon Europe
Duration of the project: 01.06.2022. – 31.05.2024.

Aim of the project:

Explore the current and future opportunities for growth of the digital health sector and its competitiveness with three Focus areas:

  • Health for Wealth
  • From traditional to digital health
  • Supporting health and social care stakeholders in promoting and adopting digitalisation and new technologies in health and social care services

Project partners:

  • ECHAlliance
  • Scottis Entreprise (UK)
  • PBN(HU)
  • SeAMK,(Finland)

Activity of PBN:

PBN will lead the following activities during the project: T2.3 Comparative analysis and identification of opportunities from other areas of health:This activity will look at developments in other areas of health, e.g. public health, urban, environmental, occupational, mental health, etc., to identify future opportunities for digital health and the role of innovation ecosystems and stakeholders in exploiting these opportunities. Use cases will be collected through interviews with up to ten experts in these areas of healthcare. The recommendations will be developed and used throughout the project, and in particular in the development of the multi-annual action plan.
T3.2 Focus area 2 "From traditional to digital health":This task will focus on identifying opportunities for growth and collaboration across digital health ecosystems around the PBN-led discussion of the theme, i.e. the transition from traditional to digital Health sector transition. As the link between innovation and economic networks needs to be strengthened and the job-cutting impact of mass production driven by increasing digitalisation and automation needs to be counteracted, industrial transformation is a priority for the region. The task will carry out field research supported by executive interviews with regional economic actors, manufacturing companies and chambers of commerce to identify and map future strategies and actions planned to foster industrial transformation. A report will support this exercise, which will serve as a guide and best practice for other European regions facing similar industrial challenges alongside industrial restructuring.  
The objectives of Work Package 4 can be summarised as follows:

  1. To collect lessons learned from the mapping exercise on digital health ecosystems, analysis of focus areas
  2. To identify opportunities as well as barriers for future actions in the field of digital health in Europe and beyond
  3. To identify future actions in the field of digital health ecosystems and recommendations for further action by stakeholders

Budget in Euro:
Project overall budget: 417 437,50 EUR
Project homepage: https://echalliance.com/connectinghealth/
Program homepage: https://commission.europa.eu/funding-tenders/find-funding/eu-funding-programmes/horizon-europe_en
Project manager: Regina Rosta-Pethő (regina.petho@pbn.hu)

"Co-funded by the European Union. Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them."