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"Smart solutions for HYdrogen potential AWAReness Enhancing"

Framework:  Interreg Europe
Duration of the project: Phase 1: 01.08.2019-31.07.2022 || Phase 2: 01.08.2022-31.07.2023

Aim of the project:

SMART-HY-AWARE aims to promote hydrogen-electric mobility by tackling main infrastructural, technological (range anxiety related) and market uptake barriers related to hydrogen for electro-mobility through the improvement of PI linked to Structural Funds in Europe, addressing the transition to a low carbon economy, as clearly requested by objective 3.1 of the INTERREG EUROPE Programme. Specific sub-objectives of the project, to reach the main goal, are:

  • Exploiting the potential of hydrogen technologies for electro-mobility involving the whole supply chain
  • Improving regional and local strategies which focus on real needs for implementation such as giving impulses for new models of fuel cells integration
  • Increasing efficiency of green propulsion in transport
  • Improving renewable energy grids to cut down electrolysis costs and IT management applications to enable advanced planning of short-tomid-term power productions and foster use of hydrogen power within distributed networks
  • Increasing the deployment and the accessibility to refuelling infrastructure for both public and private sector in urban and rural areas
  • Supporting the deployment of alternative fuel vehicles in public transport by setting up regional financial support schemes
  • Promoting and assessing new measures favouring public-private partnership (PPP) in e-mobility sector, by designing suitable PPP business schemes to trigger hydrogen mobility
  • Enhancing the capability of public Authorities in developing effective policies for reducing the carbon footprint of transport activities.
Project partners:
  • LP- Government of Aragón - Development Agency of Aragón - Spain
  • PP2- Lazio Region - Italy
  • PP3- Province of South Holland - Netherlands
  • PP4- Municipality of Delphi - Greece
  • PP5-Transport Malta - Malta
  • PP6- Aberdeen City Council - Scotland
  • PP7- (Associated Partner) - Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Electro-Mobility in European Regions (HyER) - Belgium
  • PP8- Pannon Business Network Association - Hungary

Activity of PBN:

In the beginning of the project, PBN shall identify a group with relevant stakeholders. Among others policy makers on different level (local, regional and national level), mobility providers, SMEs and other hydrogen related associations might be representatives in this stakeholder group. PBN is required to organise workshops with them at least once in a semester, and the representatives of this stakeholder group will be supporting PBN to prepare the Regional Action Plan which will be finalised and submitted in the end of Phase 1. Among others the Regional Action Plan shall describe how to foster hydrogen mobility in the region. By the end of the project PBN is required to activate three public-private partnership projects activated to hydrogen mobility development on regional level. In Phase 2 each region starts the implementation of its action plan. The relevant stakeholders for the implementation shall be mobilised. Each partner monitors the action plan implementation by contacting the stakeholders and beneficiaries of the different actions.
Budget in Euro:
Project overall budget: 1,674,229.00 €
ERDF funding: 1,406,934.65€
Project homepage: https://www.interregeurope.eu/smarthyaware/
Program homepage: https://www.interregeurope.eu/
Project manager: Martin Dan (martin.dan@pbn.hu)

"The project is realized in the Interreg Europe programme with the co-financing of the European Union and Hungary."