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„Cross-border cooperation of digital innovation hubs for joint service portfolio and specialization”


Acronym: IMPROVE!
Framework:  Interreg V-A Austria-Hungary Cooperation Programme 2014-2020
Duration of the project: 2020.01.- 2022.06.

Aim of the project:

Digitalization is bringing enormous challenges for businesses across all sectors. By linking organizations dedicated to digital transformation from both sides of the border, the necessary pool of knowledge could be gained and contribute to the successful transformation of the companies.
The overall goal of the project is to strengthen the performance of the start-ups and innovation capacity of the SMEs with new digitization solutions provided by the AT-HU DIH network thus contributing to increasing the competitiveness of the business sector in the region. The complex DIH service package and the long-term DIH strategy elaborated in the project enhance the successful digitization transformation of 10 businesses contributing to the chances of survival of these and additional SMEs in the region.
The project aims to create an environment that encourages the digitization and innovation of SMEs through close cooperation of in the ATHU region already existing or newly established DIHs. On the other hand, it seeks to reach promotion and further development (thematic working groups) as well as testing the digital solutions of the DIH network in pilot projects.
Project partners:

  • Hungary (Lead Partner): Pannon Business Network Association
  • Austria:CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences
  • Austria:PROFACTOR GmbH,
  • Austria:FOTEC Research and Technology Transfer
  • Austria: Forschung Burgenland GmbH

Activity of PBN:
The main goal of PBN as the lead partner of the IMPROVE! project is to identify those intervention points with the creation of the complex portfolio of the digital innovation services and apply the digital maturity model on national SMEs on both sides of the boarder where the businesses of the area show development potential and along with this the services provided by the AT-HU DIH network will be used in the frame of pilot projects contributing to the creation of a supporting environment for digitalization and innovation of SMEs. Emphasizing the importance of the cooperation is essential toward the international, national, and regional policy makers with respect to the future financial resources available for SMEs.

Budget in Euro:
Project overall budget: 770 497,45 EUR
ERDF: 654 922,83 EUR
Project homepage: http://improve.pbn.hu/en/index.php 
Project homepage (in program level)
Program homepage: https://www.interreg-athu.eu/en/
Project manager: Regina Rosta-Pethő (regina.petho@pbn.hu)

„This project is funded by the Interreg V-A Austria Hungary Cooperation Programme 2014-2020.”