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Digital twinning to business replication to support digital and green transition based on simulation model

: DigiTwinGreen
Framework: EIT Manufacturing
Duration of the project: 01.01.2023. – 31.12.2024..

Aim of the project:

All of the activities in DigiTwinGreen project are aiming at combining the advantages of existing TLF (Teaching and Learning Factory) by its recycling module expansion and digital twinning to support green, digital transition, reduce waste and save energy, by increasing sustainability.

Project partners:

  • Intechcentras (Lithuania)
  • Cefriel (Italy)
  • Pannon Business Network ( Hungary)
  • Software Competence Center Hagenberg GmbH (Austria)
  • Core Inoovation Centre NPO (Greece)

Activity of PBN:

PBN, as the lead partner of the project, shall be coordinating the technical and management activities between the partners.  In the first quarter of the project, PBN will be responsible for the setup of digital twin simulation green production environment based on existing TLF which will be extended with recycling module. During the project, PBN 's experts will prepare digital educational materials (aka  digital learning nuggets) about the possibilities of  advanced technological application in production. PBN will also support companies applying for open calls starting in the second year of the project to promote their digital and green transition.

Budget in Euro:
Project overall budget: 798,228.00 EUR
EIT funding:798,228.00 EUR
Project homepage:https://digitwingreen.eu/ 
Program homepage: https://www.eitmanufacturing.eu/
Project manager: Martin Dan (martin.dan@pbn.hu)