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Public-private-partnership for Social and Solidarity Economy

: 3P4SSE
Framework: Interreg Central Europe
Duration of the project: 01.04.2023. – 31.06.2026.

Aim of the project:

As Territorial Agenda 2030 promotes the territorialisation of social policies, favouring the creation of polycentric networks, 3P4SSE aims to fill CE regional gaps in addressing weak economic sectors (with low added value) and disadvantaged people, by promoting the territorial clusterisation of Social and Solidarity Economies (SSEs), creating a multilevel networks scheme at European and regional scales, based on Public-Private Partnership (3Ps) and a strategic EU cooperation. 3P4SSE will go beyond the current state of art of social innovation projects in CE cooperation area, adopting a place-based approach, based on the cohesion of the specificities and promoting the vertical and horizontal cooperation among public and private actors.

Project partners:

  • Autonomous Province of Trento LP Italia (IT)
  • Regional Development Agency ARLEG SA PP Polska (PL)
  • Foundation for Improvement of Employment Possibilities PRIZMA, (Slovenia)
  • FAB - Vocational Support Association PP Österreich (AT)
  • Pannon Business Network Association PP Magyarország (HU)
  • LINKS Foundation PP Italia (IT)
  • ALDA+ Italia (IT)
  • Regional Development Agency for Podravje - Maribor (Slovenia)
  • Trentino Federation of Cooperation  (IT)
  • Lower Silesian Center for Social (Poland)
  • Split-Dalmatia County (Croatia)

Activity of PBN:

The main activities will be to coordinate the improvement of regional status in the dimension networksspaces, to further the establishment of regional automotive transformation hubs. Based on PBN’s experiences – condsidering its region is undergoing industrial transformation – the hubs will be endowed with practical guidance. To support A2.1, PBN will coordinate the elaboration of regional plans for automative transformation hubs with a guided template, based on market and business demands for transformation companies. PBN also promotes the involvement of experienced transnational partners. To implement the regional transformation hubs, the respective plans should be audited and find synergies with ecosystems not just local but regional, national and European level.3P4SSE project PBN will be assisted by 1 Associated partner: VAS county. PBN is responsible for Szombathely2030 strategy (Szombathely is the capital of Vas County), which is the key strategic document for ecosystem development in the region so it has wide experiences in putting these kind of changes into practice in the pilot implementation in VAS County (A.2.2). During the evaluation (A.2.3), internal and external KPI will be set up to measure, evaluate the effectiveness of the operation of transformation hubs. PBN is the lead of 3.3 (KS platform building), providing coordination in structuring and populating the platform.

Budget in Euro:
Project overall budget: 2 116 156.00 EUR
ERDf funding: 1,692,924.80 EUR

Project homepage: https://www.interreg-central.eu/projects/3p4sse/
Program homepage: https://www.interreg-central.eu/
Project manager: Amanda Döme (amanda.dome@pbn.hu)

"Project co-funded by European Regional Development Fund."