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Future Food & Forestry models towards the value chain adaptation to the Green Deal and Circular Economy

Framework: Interreg Europe
Duration of the project: 01.03.2023. – 28.02.2027.

Aim of the project:

3F GREEN MODEL will address the challenges involved in the adaptation of the agri-food and forestry sectors in the partner countries to the European Green Deal and to the EU circular economy strategy, updated by the Circular Economy Action Plan.
Being aware of the wide scope of this issue, the project will focus on improving the partners’ policy instruments through a deeper and more conscious application of circular economy principles to biowaste and by-products generated across the agri-food and forestry value chains, taking into account the different bioclimatic conditions and production structures across the EU.
The project will carry on benchmarking, analysis and the generation of a stream of knowledge to improve existing programmes and policies that help regions to move from the current models of production and biowaste management and use to updated models that bring companies and organisations closer to compliance with regulations and the demands of an increasingly aware market.
For each partner, an area of expertise of particular relevance in their region has been identified, due to their experience in the area and the need to improve their policy instruments in that field. To this end, these 5 areas of interest have been identified around which the study visits and thematic workshops and seminars will revolve:
  1. Management and utilisation of livestock waste.
  2. Management and utilisation of waste from the agricultural sector.
  3. Management and utilisation of forestry and wood residues.
  4. Energy efficiency: renewable energy from waste in the agri-food and forestry value chain.
  5. Entrepreneurship and business growth opportunities around the Circular Economy in the agri-food and forestry sector.

Project partners:

  • Principality of Asturias (Spain)
  • Vidzeme Planning Region (Latvia)
  • Department of Agricolture of Sicilian Region (Italy)
  • Pannon Business Network Association (Hungary)
  • Munster Technological University (Ireland)

Activity of PBN:

PBN plays a key role in the economic development of the Western Transdanubian region and the pursuit of sustainability is an important part of its activities. PBN is experienced in applying green solutions on the field of:

  • energy audits
  • life cycle assessment
  • green energy utilization
  • zero waste production in manufacturing

The exchange of good practices helps to improve the quality of regional development strategies and ensures that policy makers seek to avoid common weaknesses and apply improvements to their policy instruments, thus contributing to competitiveness, resilience and sustainability.
Szombathely wants to take advantage of existing natural resources, such as wood, to exploit their potential in industry, added value and improved quality of life in a greener and smarter city and rural environment. PBN contributes to the policy instrument to be enhanced through the 3F GREEN MODEL project will advance Szombathely's vision from an environmental point of view to be one of the most progressive and committed Hungarian cities in climate protection by 2030.

Budget in Euro:
ERDF funding: 826,515.20 EUR
Project overall budget: 1,033,144.00 EUR
Project homepage: https://www.interregeurope.eu/3f-green-model
Program homepage: https://www.interregeurope.eu/
Project manager: Eliza Tóth (eliza.toth@pbn.hu)

"The project is realized in the Interreg Europe programme with the co-financing of the European Union and Hungary."