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The INTENCIVE Policy Recommendation Letter

When we started the INTENCIVE project back in 2019, nobody could even remotely expect the challenges that we will have to face while realizing this project and how more than ever relevant will be the topic of our research. E-health, remote healthcare, smart devices, and how to better take care of the health and wellbeing of the elderly were the main topic of the entirety of coronavirus pandemic. As it turned out that the elderly citizens are the most vulnerable to this terrible virus, and the ease with which it spreads favors social distancing and remote consultations whenever it is only possible. If we add to this situation that the European population is aging fast as the low childbirth rate in almost every EU member state is pushing our continent towards the future where most of our society will be in its post-reproductive stage of life, it becomes easy to notice how important INTENCIVE project is also in the long run.
To learn more about these solutions, and the challenges and barriers that we will have to face in the near future, please read the Policy Recommendation Letter. To make it as accessible as possible, we provide you with translation to five different languages.

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