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Consciously and safely in the world of media - education for primary school students

Pannon Business Network (PBN) has published an open call for participation in ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS in Hungary (Szombathely area) in order to select schools and classes (age 13-15 years) to participate in the Pilot 1 testing within the MELIA Project.

Period: 01.09.2022. - 31.10.2022.

We invite ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS from the territory of the Vas County, Szombathely area (Hungary) to apply for participation in testing curricula and educational materials to strengthen media literacy intended for pupils.


The goal is to get feedback from students and educators of an elementary school, on the quality and applicability of educational materials for the implementation of education in order to strengthen the capacity of media literacy and possible proposals for their improvement.

The curriculum and educational materials were created within the MELIA Observatory project 

Educational materials will be available in digital form in HUNGARIAN on the project website. These are interactive presentations, which with the help of the accompanying manual teach media literacy through six different topics, in order to provide high school students with knowledge and skills to understand the media and participate in a democratic society, including civil society and politics.

Topics are:

- Behaviour on social networks;
- Critical thinking skills;
- Marketing and advertising;
- News, deception, and misinformation;
- Manipulation and propaganda;
- Politics

The testing will be conducted at the beginning of the school year 2022/2023 so that four trainings on media literacy according to the curriculum and with the help of materials created in the project, will be held for the pupils of the registered elementary schools. Trainings will take place at PBN’s Szombathely office.

The trainings will be held by an expert hired by PBN, in terms agreed with the school and teachers who teach subjects in which media literacy is taught, in accordance with the Hungarian curricula.

After the trainings, the pupils will express their satisfaction with the educational materials and the training held in the questionnaire, and on the basis of self-assessment, evaluate the progress achieved by the trainings. Teachers will give their assessment of the media literacy curriculum created within the project and the trainings held and the educational materials used.

Applications for participation in the testing should be submitted by May 31, exclusively electronically to Klaudia Keringer (e-mail address: klaudia.keringer@pbn.hu), including a statement of interest, certified by the school principal with his signature and the school seal. The document must be completed, certified, signed, scanned, and sent to the mentioned e-mail address.

All additional information can be obtained from the project manager Klaudia Keringer (klaudia.keringer@pbn.hu)

More about the open call (in Hungarian):  https://www.pbn.hu/Hirek/Tudatosan_es_biztonsagosan_a_media_vilagaban_-_oktatas_altalanos_i.html

More about the project: https://www.interreg-danube.eu/approved-projects/melia-observatory