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2nd Seed Call in METABUILDING

SEED Call 

SEED Innovation Vouchers, up to €5000, are available to SME’s to support an innovation project or new idea. The vouchers can be used to finance (or part-finance) external support from technical, legal, financial, and business experts. SEED vouchers provide SME’s with a solid foundation (technical feasibility, business case, IP issues, due diligence on partner or technology) to make critical decisions and advancements related to innovation projects. The SEED vouchers can be used in any stage of an innovation project and are not limited to actions in the early technology readiness levels (TRLs).
(You can get more information by clicking on the picture on the official page of the project!)
| Call Description and Scope

SEED Innovation Vouchers can finance short interventions of technical, legal, financial, and business experts. Applications should demonstrate how the voucher will help an SME to validate an idea for an innovation project, evaluate the potential of a new idea or accelerate an existing innovation project.
| Eligibility Criteria
1. The applicants must be an SME (Small-Medium Enterprise) according to the EU definition.
2. The applicant must be a single company (no consortiums allowed)
3. Applicants must be legally registered in one of the six METABUILDING target countries: AUSTRIA, FRANCE, HUNGARY, ITALY PORTUGAL, SPAIN
Please note: SME’s legally registered outside of these 6 countries but a direct member, or a member of an organisation which is a member, of the EURICAMEFB and ECTP platforms are also eligible to apply.

4. Applicants must operate in one or more of the following sectors:
  • Construction
  • Digital Industry
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Nature-Based Solutions
  • Circularity & Recycling
| Application Procedure

The complete application consists of the following elements:
1. SEED Innovation Voucher online application form
2. If applicable, quotation of the service provider
3. Declaration of Honour (Dowload here)

To start the application you need to register HERE.

If you have already registered please start/continue your application HERE.

More: https://www.metabuilding.com/seed-call/