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PBN - DanubeChance 2.0_ Thematic Capitalization Workshop in Budapest

The feedback shows that the Thematic Capitalization workshop had great success among participants.

But what happened in the Thematic Capitalization Workshop?

The Thematic Capitalization workshop organized by IFKA Public benefit Nonprofit Ltd. for the Development of the Industry, in 19th of June 2019 in Budapest. 

After the welcome speech of Edina Kálmán - leader of Organizational Development Group, IFKA - SESSION 1 started with some projects' introduction. 

The topic of SESSION 1 was the "Exploitation of synergies in second-chance entrepreneurship support projects in Europe" and the following projects had been presented:

  • DanubeChance 2.0 presented by Mike Nagorkin - IFKA (Hungary)
  • DanubeEnergy+ presented by Christo Balinow, - KIC InnoEnergy (Poland)
  • WOMEN IN BUSINESS  presented by  Klaudia Keringer - Pannon Business Network (Hungary)
  • REBORN  presented by  Ilaria Molinelli - FI.L.S.E. S.p.A. (Italy)
  • Early Warning Europe presented by  Pol Vermoere - Dyzo (Belgium)
  • RESTART and Restart+ presented by Pádraig Gallagher - Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Ireland & Lennard Drogendijk – Business Development Friesland (Netherlands)

Within small groups the above-mentioned projects have been re-analyzed according to the following aspects:

The second SESSION had been dealing with the "Capitalization in practice - joint cooperation opportunities"

In the context of two-panel discussions, the following topics were mentioned:

  1. Identifying strategic vision and goals for Danube Region Second Chance Entrepreneurship Strategy
  2. An educational program to support re-starters and prevent start-ups from failing 

For the photo gallery about the Thematic Capitalization Workshop click here


"Project co.funded by European Union Funds (ERDF, IPA,ENI)"