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Online Study Visit in West Transdanubia, Hungary

On 24th March 2022, Pannon Business Network Association organized a bilateral online study visit.
The event was divided into two parts:
Part I.

In the first part of the meeting, Balázs Barta - the managing director of PBN - presented the local Health Ecosystem Development Policy Initiative – Szombathely2030 programme. Partners from Finland were interested in the Voluntary Service Application good practice from Hungary, therefore the hosting partners gave an overview of the application and shared their experiences in detail.
Voluntary Service Application
Within the FairCare project, a platform was set up on which the various elderly-oriented care services can be indicated and match-made. The FairCare solution consists of easy-to-use web-based software that connects the demand for care and support for elderly people with the available supplies. Within the project, PBN developed an application (KÖSSZ) for students and Social Care institutions to support children in fulfilling the obligatory 50 hours of community work.
After the presentations, Regina Rosta-Pethő presented PBN’s smart senior room – at.home – which is a pilot project within the INTENCIVE project. The hosting partner gave the opportunity to other partners and stakeholders to join the virtual study visit in at.home as well.

Part II.

Within Part II. a fruitful discussion was taking place with partners from IDIVAl, Spain.  
They wanted to know more about PBN’s digital innovation hub – am-LAB – and good practices in senior care - Brain@home and CoME applications. In the first part of the meeting, the focus was on 3D technologies – 3Dprinting, 3Dscanning, 3Dmodelling, augmented reality, and CGI. After exchanging experiences, the submitted GP-s were presented by the Hungarian partner.

It aims to achieve long-lasting mind fitness for elderly people using various online games in a virtual environment. It provides a constant clinical review of the results to prevent mental illness and detect risks of cognitive problems.
CoME applications
CoMe is an innovative self-monitoring system for the elderly with miniaturized wearable wellbeing sensors. It is a service-oriented platform that aims at developing solutions that empower seniors with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) in a social context, to improve and manage personal life.
More than 15 participants have joined the online study visit. The hosting partners were happy to answer all questions and share their experiences and lessons learned from the previous projects.