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Interregional Study Visit in FOUNDATION project to Hungary

BIC Cartagéna participated in a 2-day interregional study visit in Szombathelye, Hungary on April 28-29, 2022.
The first day of the visit began with an online presentation, the topic of which was Resilience of Hungarian Manufacturing Companies, by Renáta Jaksa - director, ICEG European center. Afterwards, the hosting partner took BIC Cartagena to a digital innovation center. Where they were able to learn about the preparations that preceded the creation of the center, as well as the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the services provided by the center. Here, the  BIC Cartagéna’s representatives had the opportunity to ask and learn from the managing director (Balázs Barta- managing director fo PBN,am-LAB,at-home) and the coordinator of the digital innovation center (am-LAB) (Attila Joós).

During the afternoon, the team visited the Municipality of Szombathely. Where Adrienn Bokányi - conciliar for economic development gave a presentation about one of the selected good practices from the Szombathely ReStart Program.

The second day begins with the presentation of the other selected good practice, which dealt with the topic of new higher education programs extended with dual education system. The presentation was given by Andó Mátyás- ELTE Faulty of Informatics. Afterwards, BIC Cartagena had the opportunity to see a health test environment (at.home). The presentation of the test environment was led by Regina Rosta-Pethő.
At the end of the day, both BIC Cartagena and PBN explained the elements of their action plan and discussed what they had learned in the past few days.