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Life Cycle based Energy Audit


Acronym: LiCEA

Framework Program: CENTRAL EUROPE

Duration: 2012.11.01. – 2014.12.31.

Overall Objective: The goal of the LiCEA project is to develop and apply smart tools that allow the discovery of numerous unexploited energy-saving opportunities in regional industrial clusters along the supply chain of SMEs. The project activities are designed in order to reach its main objective: to develop a simplified model of energy audits for SMEs and their clusters, based on a life cycle assessment analysis, to ensure energy savings and cost reduction. This innovative and sustainable methodology will also include a ‘smart’ tool to link industrial production to the responsible use and protection of the environment, expressing the footprint of production processes. The project will promote environmentally friendly activities in order to ensure eco-efficient production and consumption processes together with the increase of life-cycle thinking, which is a key point of the project. The project partners will join forces in order to elaborate documents and tools introducing a simplified life cycle assessment for energy audits.


  • Province of Mantova (Lombardia, IT) – Lead Partner,
  • AGIRE - Energy Management Agency (Lombardia, IT),
  • AIEC Agency for Innovation and European Cooperation Slovakia (Bratislavsky, SK),
  • EAR Energy Agency of the Regions (Niederösterreich, AT),
  • NAPE National Energy Conservation Agency (Mazowieckie, PL),
  • PBN Pannon Business Network Association (Nyugat-Dunantul, HU)

Activities of PBN: To contribute to the energy efficiency of the SMEs performing energy audits with the help of software developed by the LiCEA partnership.

Project homepage: In progress

Central Europe Program homepage:www.central2013.eu


„This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.”