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Melia Observatory

Media Literacy Observatory for Active Citizenship and Sustainable Democracy

Acronym: Melia Observatory
Framework: Danube Transnational Programme
Duration of the project: 01.06.2020.-30.11.2022.

Aim of the project:

Citizens’ competence is crucial for active political participation, which is one of the main components of good governance and sustainable democracy. In particular, active political participation is stagnating in the eastern part of the Danube.
The lack of indifference and political interest among younger people is particularly worrying. Furthermore, in recent years, we have witnessed political developments that have led to a deterioration of democratic standards in many parts of the region. A high level of media literacy is at the heart of citizens’ competence. Citizens need to reflect social reality and their resilience to negative media phenomena, such as hate speech and false news.
The main objective of the project is to improve democratic transnational governance by developing a transnational media literacy observatory, based on cooperation between different stakeholders. In many countries in the Danube region, the development of the competences of media literacy and active citizenship is far below the more developed parts of Europe. This observatory will be a mechanism for increasing media literacy, thereby strengthening citizens’ competences that contribute to the development of sustainable democracy.
The main target groups are the young people and the people working with them. To strengthen this, the Melia Observatory provides tools for both young people and their instructors.
The project will set up an observatory for media literacy, which will provide tools to examine media content, training tools and policy recommendations to improve media literacy related to other civilian skills.
The expected outputs are as follows: Capacity building and training tools, web-based interface and policy recommendations.
The main activities of the project are: Mapping exercises and disseminating information, developing a learning system, designing a web training platform and pilot testing.

Project partners:

  • LP School of Advanced Social Studies SASS SI
  • PP Babeș-Bolyai University UBB RO
  • PP Edhance Plus o.p.s. Edhance + CZ
  • PP Research Centre Regional and Global Development REGLO BG
  • PP Algebra University College VUA HR
  • PP Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry BCCI HU
  • PP Faculty of Media FAM SI
  • PP Metropolitan University Prague MUP CZ
  • PP Association for socio-scientific consultancy and research registered
  • association SoWiBeFo DE
  • PP Association Centre for Public Innovation CIP RO
  • PP Croatian Chamber of Economy CCE HR
  • PP Pannon Business Network Association PBN HU
  • PP Presscut d.o.o. Presscut HR
  • PP University of Montenegro UCG FF ME
  • PP NGO Petrovaradin Media Petrovaradi n RS, SERBIA
  • PP Executive Committee of Uzhgorod City Council Uzhgorod UA
  • AP International Association for Media Education BE
  • AP The University of Sheffield UK
  • AP The Finnish Society on Media Education FI,
  • AP The City of Vienna/EU Funding Agency Ltd. (CoV/EUFA) AT
  • AP Ministry for Education, Science and Youth of Canton Sarajevo BA
  • AP Croatian Journalists and Publicists (HNiP) HR
  • AP International business-informational academy (IPIA) BA

Activity of PBN:

PBN is very active in the field of artificial intelligence, which is an important element of the Melia Observatory project. PBN leads the DTP Working Group on Artificial Intelligence. In April 2019, PBN produced a report on future development areas, technological trends, artificial intelligence and economic development in the Danube region. This means that it has valuable expertise that relates to the essence of the project.
In addition, PBN participates in all work packages in order to successfully implement the specific elements of the project:
1. Transnational training network for the development of citizens’ competences in the Danube region
2. Capacity building tools for improving media literacy skills
3. Mediaaudit Tools
Budget in Euro:
Project overall budget: € 1,957,500.00
ERDF funding: : € 1,663,875.00
Project homepage: under construction
Program homepage:
Project manager: Klaudia Keringer (klaudia.keringer@pbn.hu) 

Project co-funded by the Europen Union Funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)