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Human capital and innovation: employment policies in local
and regional innovation networks for talent attraction and better job opportunities


Acronym: W4T


Project duration: January 2012 - December 2014

Aim: Working4Talent deals with employment policy issues related to the local and regional innovation systems. Innovation is not just a tool for competitiveness and growth, which therefore helps to create more and better jobs. Indeed it is, but it has also become a very important source of employment in itself.
This is evident in developed regions, where innovation demand (innovative companies, public and private research centers) has boosted the number of innovation-related jobs. In less developed regions, innovation demand is lower, and innovation-related jobs are not so abundant, driving many talented young people to emigration. The project will try to identify the employment policies responding to such new realities; policies that help matching talent supply and demand; policies providing the right incentives for talent creation and attraction, and to make talent mobility an instrument for talent growth.


Fomento de San Sebastian (ES)
The Business Development Agency of the Karlovy Vary Region (CZ)
Cork Institute of Technology (IE)
Paperbank Innovation (NO)
Sunrise Valley (LT)
Province of Torino (IT)
ASTER S.Cons.P.A. (IT)
Riga City Development Department (LV)
Pannon Gazdasági Hálózat Egyesület (HU)

Official project homepage: http://www.w4t.eu
The official homepage of INTERREG IVC Program: www.interreg4c.net

'The project is realized in the INTERREG IVC program with the co-financing of the European Union and Hungary'