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Managing the Industrial Territories in the Knowledge Era


Title: Managing the Industrial Territories in the Knowledge Era

Acronym: MITKE – Programme: INTERREG IVC

Duration: 01. 11. 2008. – 31. 10. 2011.

Objectives: MITKE focuses on providing a platform and mechanism for collection, exchange, and transfer of experiences and views among the partner regions in order to find and test better solutions and tools for intervention and thus contribute to improved management of Business Areas and Industrial Parks (BAIPs) across Europe.


  • SPRILUR S.A. – Lead Partner (ES)
  • PP2 LABEIN Foundation (ES)
  • PP3 Pannon Business Network Association (HU)
  • PP4 Rzeszow Regional Development Agency Co. (PL)
  • PP5 Lubelskie Voivodship (PL)
  • PP6 West Development Agency Romania (RO)
  • PP8 FIRST – the Wakefield District Development Agency (UK)
  • PP9 Shannon Development (IE)
  • PP10 The Gaeltacht Authority (IE)
  • PP11 Catalan Land Institute (ES)

PBN’s activities: PBN contributes to the project aims with the survey of the industrial park managers and businesses, with the 4 good practices int he region which are focused on the activities for the industrial parks. The training of the managers and the adaptation of the international templates as a pilot project offers an opportunity for the industrial parks in our region to get to know an added value innovative system and a more effective organization development. Through continuous communication and dissemination activities, we ensure the promotion of the mission of the MITKE project in a much wider circle. Besides the active professional co-operations deepen our international relationships with the partners much further.

Opportunities for you in the project: Contacting with relevant businesses in the foreign industrial parks, business partnership development

Official website of the project: www.mitke.eu

Official website of the INTERREG IVC Programme: www.interreg4c.net