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The network-based solution for collaborative future care


Akronym: FairCare | Project number: NEMZ_15-1-2016-0004

Framework Programme: AAL(Active and Assisted Living) program

Duration of the project: 2015.05.01 – 2017.10.31.

About the project: Set up a platform on which the various elderly-oriented care services can be indicated and match-made. In Hungary, it will be an app for youngsters, where they can apply for various voluntary positions – like bringing food to the elderly, or taking care of their homes -, while the demand of the target group will be coordinated by formal caregiver organizations, like elderly homes or Red Cross.

Participating countries: Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, Austria.

The overall goal of FairCare is to develop a sustainable solution, which:

  • coordinates professional care, voluntary work, informal care, and further services
  • satisfies the legal and social requirements of different countries
  • maintains life quality of elderly persons and their relatives within their environment
  • assures qualitative high support by verification and certification

Project partners:

  • University of Innsbruck (Austria) – Lead Partner
  • European Academy of Bolzano / Bozen (Italy)
  • University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur (Switzerland)
  • Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW (Switzerland)
  • Pannon Business Network Association (Hungary)
  • Austrian RedCross (Austria)
  • ASP Servizi SRL/ GmbH (Italy)
  • Connectedcare services b.v. (Netherlands)
  • SIS Consulting GmbH (Austria)

Project homepage: www.fair-care.eu | Programme homepage: http://www.aal-europe.eu

KOSSZ application: www.kossz.hu 


"The project is realized in the AAL programme with the co-financing of the European Union and Hungary."