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"Enhancing Rural and Urban Digital Innovation Territories"


Acronym: ERUDITE
Framework Programme: Interreg Europe programme
Duration of the project: 01.04.2016 – 21.03.2020

About the project: 

The overall objective of the ERUDITE project is to assist rural and more marginal urban regions across Europe to develop, design, implement and improve digital services.
The regional development issue tackled by the ERUDITE project consists of four interlinked actions:

  • By developing better digital services in rural and marginal urban areas that lead to improvements in employment, growth, quality of life, territorial attractiveness;
  • To encourage multistakeholder participation in the development, design, and delivery of these digital services;
  • To improve the economic, social and policy environments that foster innovation;
  • By providing mechanisms to help target investments to services that will provide better social and economic returns to territories
To achieve these aims the project will emphasize the importance of the open innovation processes; it will be supported by Social and Economic Return on Investment (SEROI) studies.

Project partners:
  • Digital Nièvre Joint Authority (FR) - Lead Partner
  • Acreo Swedish ICT (SE)
  • Burgundy Regional Council (FR)
  • University of Ljubljana (SI)
  • Ministry of Education, Science and Sport (SI)
  • City of Venice (IT)
  • Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia (FI)
  • Economic Development Agency of Suupohja Region (FI)
  • Association of Local Authorities in Västernorrland (SE)
  • Pannon Business Network Association (HU)

Relevancy of PBN 

As one of the most respected, key organization of regional development in the West Pannon region has been growing steadily since 10 years. PBN has a strong working relationship with the Hungarian National Ministry of Economy, established through earlier Interreg policy-related projects and by the fact that PBN was the contractor for the relevant Territorial Operative Program. PBN will contribute its experience and expertise in developing digital innovation processes, tools and projects related to business and business-university cooperation. It will activate and manage a Regional Stakeholder Group with national and regional players.

Project homepage: https://www.interregeurope.eu/erudite/
Programme homepage: www.interregeurope.eu 
Project manager: Renata Csabai (renata.csabai@pbn.hu

"The project is realized in the Interreg Europe programme with the co-financing of the European Union and Hungary."