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 Development of interregional financial assistance to SMEs and of non-grant instruments


Abbreviation: DIFASS

Project duration: January 2012 - December 2014


The main objective of the DIFASS project is to exchange experiences between the participating regions on financial support schemes available to SMEs. The exchange of experience includes learning about innovative financial instruments as well as grant and non-grant type integrated support schemes. The project analyzes and describes the background of good practices and supports knowledge transfer between participating regions. In addition, two selected best practices are transferred to 4-4 regions.

Partners: 26 partners from 20 EU regions

PBN activities:

PBN, as the Lead Partner of the project, manages the overall implementation of the project. Furthermore, we participate in the exchange of experience covering 20 EU regions, and then in the preparation of the introduction of support systems that are already operating successfully in Hungary and in other regions that can be adapted in the Western Transdanubia region.

Possible activities of PBN partners:

During the project, our organization counts on any interested organization that operates domestic business support and financing instruments and can serve as a good example for other regions, or just wants international experience in developing its existing and/or new systems. Within the framework of the project, we have the opportunity to learn about the best practices on study trips and professional conferences.

The official website of the project: www.difass.eu
Youtube channelwww.youtube.com/user/DIFASSWorkshops
INTERREG IVC website: http://www.interreg4c.eu/

"The project is implemented in the Interreg IVC Program with the co-financing of the European Union and Hungary."