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Cooperation Among SMEs Toward Logistic Excellence

 Cooperation Among SMEs Toward Logistic Excellence

Acronym: CASTLE • Programme: INTERREG IVC – www.interreg4c.net

Duration: 01.01.2009 - 31.12.2011

Objectives: CASTLE was born to answer regional needs to improve SMEs' logistics policies. It relies on solid past cooperation among ten partners in Italy, Poland, Greece, Slovenia, Spain, Germany, Hungary Austria. CASTLE creates an operational matrix of best practices experiences exchange for the development of SMEs logistics public policies which can shorten the divide between transport logistics effectiveness vs. environmental protection energy saving (win-win policymaking in a regional merging of the Lisbon and Gothenburg agendas). CASTLE improves policymaking through the surveying, analysis, exchange transfer of best practices, the creation of a new regional policy tool usable by policymakers, and joint partners policy-making exercises (EU CASTLE Forum). These activities are also triggered on a bottom-up approach in terms of logistics governance consolidation, thanks to the set up of Regional Forums on Logistics which bring SMEs logistics needs to policymakers on the base of the triple-helix principle.


  • Institute for Transport and Logistics Foundation, Bologna – Lead Partner(IT)
  • PP2 Emilia-Romagna Regio, Office in Brussels (IT)
  • PP3 Institute of Logistics and Warehousing (PL)
  • PP4 Marshall Office of the Wielkopolska Region (PL)
  • PP5 Region of Crete (GR)
  • PP6 Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation (DE)
  • PP7 University of Maribor, Faculty of civil engineering (SI)
  • PP8 Foundacion Comunidad Valenciana European Region (ES)
  • PP9 Development Agency of Carinthia (AT)
  • PP10 Pannon Business Network Association (HU)

PBN’s activities: PBN contributes to the project aims with the survey of the best logistic practices of the West Pannon region in Hungary, as well as represents the regional interests regarding to the future strategies and policies with getting together of the policymakers. Through the regional forums and dissemination meetings, the regional needs are building into the recommendations on the EU level. In addition, PBN coordinates the initiative of the logistic competence center in Nagykanizsa with the involvement of the local stakeholders. Within the EU surveys which were implemented with the Polish and Austrian partners, PBN is responsible for collecting the best practices in the logistics supply theme. Through continuous communication and dissemination activities, we ensure the promotion of the mission of the MITKE project in a much wider circle. Besides the active professional co-operations deepen our international relationships with the partners much further.

Opportunities for you in the project: Collecting the best logistics practices in the region, defining the future logistics policies, and implementing the logistic competence center in Nagykanizsa.

Official website of the project: www.castle-project.eu

Co-financed by Europen Regional Development Fund and made possible by the INTERREG VIC Programme.