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Centrope ICT Technology Transfer


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Centrope ICT Technology Transfer

Programme: FP7 - Regions of Knowledge

Duration: 01.01.2008 – 31.03.2010.

Acronym: CITT

Project title: Centrope ICT Technology Transfer Project

Partner organizations: Vienna Business Agency / Vienna IT Enterprises, First Innovation Park, Brno; BITERAP ICT Cluster, Bratislava

Objectives: CITT is a project which will outline a strategy for a cross-border ICT network for information and communication technologies in the Centrope region and to support this strategy with best practice examples.

Activities by PBN: Coordination of the preparation of ICT sectory analyses

Possible cooperation fields of PBN partners: Coordination of the analysis of the ICT sector

Website: noweurope.com • www.centrope-itt.eu • http://centrope.ceconsult.biz/

Project manager: Mr. Róbert Németh